Explore the wonderful world of Splix.io Game!

Explore the wonderful world of Splix.io Game!

Splixio is another super fun-addicting IO game with retro style and simple rules that you can play for hours!

The main goal is to conquer as much territory on the map as possible and become the biggest of all players! You start with a small area which you have to expand more and more during the game. To add new territories to your base, you need to close them with the colored line. Conquered territory will be painted the same color as your line. You can also steal already occupied territories from other players and add them to your base, but be careful they might want to take some of your lands as well or even kill you.

To move around the map in Splix.io you can use arrow keys or WASD. There are 2 game modes: Normal (for all players) and Teams. Choose Teams if you want to play together with your friends, invite them by sharing the given URL address.

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January 8, 2018
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