happy wheels online

happy wheels online

Happy Wheels - one of the most bloodthirsty and brutal arcades in the modern world. Your main task is to get to the end of the path, while remaining unharmed. You have to become a real guide for the protagonist, otherwise it will be inevitable, and, moreover, a painful death. Choose one of the four heroes: an old man in a stroller, a young man, a father with a child or a woman with purchases and set off! The vehicle you will need to control depends on the choice of the hero. It is, accordingly, a wheelchair for the grandfather, a wheelbarrow for a man, a bicycle for the father and son, and a shopping cart for the colorful lady. Going to the road, be careful. Happy version in the full version is just crammed with all sorts of dangers and the full version has so many different levels. You can meet with peaks sticking out of the wall, falling on you with sticks, bombs, hinged blocks, magnetic fields and other not very pleasant surprises. The road is also difficult to call even. Constant

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January 5, 2018
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